Unicom Teleservices

Centralized call center providing 24/7 live agent answering services and task processing

NO remote operators: Unicom is centrally managed.
Every Unicom agent works onsite at our Alsip, IL facility ensuring oversight and accountability to your inbound/outbound calls, messaging, and business tasks. This enables Unicom to exceed the standards of answering services.

NO mistakes, guaranteed:
As a centrally managed call center Unicom has the ability to train and supervise agent performance to ensure the highest possible standards. Unicom’s system of checks and balances to your call handling procedures is unheard of in the industry.

NO nickel and diming: You only pay for live agent talk-time.
Typically, call centers will add ancillary costs associated with your account - From variable message delivery charges to account directory updates and even some that charge per call. Unicom only charges for the time our agents are speaking live with your callers. With Unicom all protocols/procedures, updates, and delivery is provided at no extra cost.

NO contract obligation:
You are free to leave Unicom at anytime. Because our degree of service and skill keeps our clients long-term, we do not have a sales staff hurriedly soliciting new clients as frustrated clients terminate service. Our agents and staff go above and beyond to ensure your business is represented to your standards.

NO middle man:
From the moment we begin discussing your account configuration to down the road info updates and procedural changes you will speak directly with a Unicom representative from operations or management.

NO constraint: 100% customizable.
Tell us your procedures - we will implement the protocols necessary to execute them mistake-free. Our systems are flexible and our operations staff knowlegable to structure your account to execute complicated tasks that others cannot.

NO repetition:
Unicom can work directly in your existing software. Whether scheduling, CRM, or other third party applications we train our agents to use your platform eliminating copying data from one system or intake ticket into another. Few others do this, even fewer do it properly. Unicom pioneered it and at no extra cost. Do you have existing software? We can work directly in it.

Our custom call center solutions follow your protocols and procedures - we lower your business costs and allow you and your staff to focus on what provides you the most value.