About Unicom Teleservices

Answering Service and call center based in Chicago, IL, USA. Providing custom solutions for over 25 years.

Our commitment in maintaining superior standards assures that we always strive to render this pledge fulfilled. Our energy and focus is never diminished, competing only with ourselves.

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A 25-year-old (and going) commitment

When we started Unicom 25 years ago, our commitment was to provide a superior experience for our clients by exceeding their expectations. We love creating custom solutions for our clients.

Many companies want to lock you into contracts and lack transparency in billing—that is not how Unicom operates.

Our Philosophy: keep things simple for our clients by not forcing contracts, cut out setup fees, offer custom scalable solutions, and provide simple billing.

More than an answering service. Unicom focuses on improving your processes with quality 24-7 live agents.

Unicom creates answering service solutions by asking questions others would not have thought to ask; propelling us to redefine the status quo. We can do this because we search for and bring together exceptional resources and ideas with one goal in mind – to make it easier for our clients to maintain focus on their goals.

We are an organization whose total commitment is focused on providing a new wave of communication technologies and services. New clients come to us on the referral of current clients, service bureaus in the communication industry or through our presence on the internet.

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Diverse Family of Client

Clients include small offices as well as those that have employees of a thousand or more. We service the corporate sector, the service industries as well as the medical community, ranging from international communications to business continuity and disaster recovery. All of our clients underscore a prerequisite concern – that Unicom call center agents always perform as though we are in your offices and represent your business as members of the staff.