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As in any industry, property managers are tasked with understanding the needs of their residents and driving their business forward. Navigating this journey requires both knowledge and experience. An individual who wants to stay at the forefront of the industry must attend events, conferences, and dedicate time to deepen their knowledge.

To help you on your journey, I have compiled a list of the 12 best property management blogs. Gain ideas, insights, and knowledge that will keep you on top of your game and up to date with industry leaders. With a little research, I was able to discover each property management blogs‘ top article based on social shares. Enjoy this post and If I missed a great blog, please let me know in the comments.

All Property Management

As an intermediary between homeowners and property management companies, All Property Management’s blog provides relevant content to strengthen that connection. You can expect several posts per week, so be sure to check infrequently.

3 stories per week

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Appfolio Property Manager

Known for their cloud-based property management software, AppFolio’s blog delivers meaningful content for property managers on a weekly basis. There is a good balance of helpful articles and company updates.

1 story per week

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Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets’ writers are producing 2 to 3 pieces of valuable content every day. Dedicated to helping people be successful in the real estate industry, Bigger pockets offers free tools, articles, and a community of over 600,000 members.

16 stories per week

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With over 12,000 customers, Buildium is a leading property management software. Every week expect to read 2 to 3 blog posts covering a variety of topics. One post will give you a weekly summary of residential property management news.

3 Stories per week

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If you are looking for ideas on how to market your property management company, definitely check out Fourandhalf.com’s blog. Fourandhalf.com is a marketing agency dedicated to the property management industry. Their content is aimed at helping firms leverage digital marketing to grow their business.

1 story per week

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Providing education tools and resources for landlords, property managers and renters are at the heart of Landlordology.com’s website. When you visit their blog, you will immediately see there is something for everyone. From common questions for renters to navigating legal matters.

1 story per week

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Let’s Talk Property Management

If you are looking to join a professional network of property managers, landlords, investors, and vendors, Let’s Talk Property Management is the place. What makes Let’s Talk’s blog different is they allow members to share experiences and expertise with the community on their site.

7 stories per month

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Multifamily Insiders

If you are in the multifamily industry, Multifamily Insiders is for you. Multifamily Insider is “the first true online networking group for the multifamily industry and its partners.” They go beyond industry news by covering topics such as marketing, training, and legal insights.

8 Stories per week

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Multi-Housing News

The focus of Multi-Housing News is to provide “multi-housing industry with the most current and complete news, information, and analysis to help them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.” Multi-housing News offers more than a blog. With over 50 new pieces of content per week, they are working hard to fulfill their promise.

52 Stories per Week

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Property Management Insider

RealPage is a leading provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry and are behind the Property Management Insider website. Not only are they consistently developing quality content every week but they are also very active on social media.

4 stories per week

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Property Manager

Articles, Best Of, Infographics, and eBooks are what you will find on PropertyManager.com. The site is a provided by Appfolio Property Manager.

1 to 2 stories per month

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Rental Housing Journal.com

If you are looking for thought provoking information and opinions on the multifamily property management and real estate investing industries, look at Rental Housing Journal’s blog.

1 story per week

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