5 Help Desk Support Stats To Help You Increase Sales

Help Desk Statistics

Looking to increase your business? You can start by making more effective pitches to potential clients.

With B2B sales, you need to give clients stats and numbers to back up the importance of your help desk support services. You need to show them, with data, why your business is worth the investment.

Use these stats the next time you have a meeting with a potential client. You just might discover that these numbers are the key to landing new business!

82% of U.S. Consumers Have Stopped Doing Business After a Bad Experience

Source: CTS Service Solutions

That’s a large portion of the population who are willing to leave a business after a bad customer experience. What’s more telling is that 55% of these people said the reason for leaving was because the issue was not solved in a timely fashion. This shows that having a readily-available support desk can be crucial.

61% of Small to Medium-Sized Business Get Half Their Businesses from Repeat Customers

Source: Magetnta

As you might have suspected, most businesses get a large portion of their income from repeat customers. As we know, a bad experience can lead customers away, and this stat makes the connection between keeping people happy and having plenty of business.

Loyal Customers are Worth 10-Times as Much as Their First Purchase

Source: Help Scout, via the White House Office of Consumer Affairs

It can be hard to gauge the worth of a long-term customer, but according to this stat, loyal customers are, on average, worth ten-times more than their initial purchase. Some will be worth more, and others less, but when a customer places a $1,000 order, think of them as a $10,000 client. This stat can really drive interest in your help desk support services.

It Takes 12 Positive Experiences to Make Up for One Bad Experience

Source: Ruby Newell-Legner

Unfortunately, if someone has a bad experience, your clients will have a hard time earning them back. Use this stat to show how your support can help clients avoid the damaging result of a single negative experience.

At 69% Live Voice Assistance Has the Highest Satisfaction Rate

Source: Forrester

This just might be the best stat of all! Compared to web self-service, virtual agents, and new communication channels like Twitter, live assistance has the highest overall satisfaction ratings. This means customers want to talk with someone, and not even chat can match the quality of live voice assistance.

Keep these stats in mind at your next sales pitch and you might win the account you’ve been fighting for!