7 Tell-Tale Signs That Say You Need to Hire an Answering Service

Need to Hire an Answering Service

Do You Feel It Is Time To Hire and Answering Service?

Is answering the phones at your place a team effort? It is for many businesses. Whoever’s available at the time answers the phone and helps the customer, client, or prospect. Then, that worker goes back to what he or she was doing.

While this approach works when it’s slow, it comes at a price when things heat up. It pulls employees away from their work and cuts into their productivity. Plus, if the worker isn’t your most knowledgeable or most cordial, you may be impairing customer service.

Partnering with an answering service beats the team approach every time on busy days—and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, answering services provide all the benefits of having a knowledgeable customer service person answering the phones cost-effectively.

Plus, it eliminates missed calls or long delays in answering phones, enhancing customer service and customer experience. Doing those things not only builds loyalty but also promotes word-of-mouth advertising and increases profitability.

Below are seven tell-tale signs that tell you that you need to hire an answering service during busy periods:

1.      Lack specific industry knowledge

Not all your employees are as knowledgeable as you’d like. If any of these employees answer your phone, your image is taking a hit. Many answering services specialize in specific industries. Partnering with that answering service provides gets you an agent that knows your industry well, boosting customer service and creating a more professional image.

2.      Things are falling through the cracks

If you’re dragging workers from their jobs to answer phones, you’re promoting disorganization, which means things can fall through the cracks. Answering services can drive organization by freeing workers to focus on the task at hand.  They’ll stay on top of things and make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle, boosting both customer service and worker productivity.

3.      Losing Valuable Customers

Customers are more demanding than ever. They want what they want when they want it and they won’t settle for less. Today, customers want to be able to reach you 24/7. If you’re not providing that, they’ll seek out a competitor. Answering service can provide coverage when you’re not in the office—they’ll do it cost-effectively.

4.      Increasing business costs  

Business always need to guard actions increase costs. Partnering with the right answering service can dramatically cut them. You don’t have to worry about hiring new employees because you’re outsourcing call answering. You also don’t have to worry about what salary to pay new employees, what kind of benefits to give them, who will train them—all the things that make hiring someone a headache.  

5.      Handle seasonal business poorly

Many companies have seasonal business needs. Meeting those needs is the key to increasing profitability. But if you’re doing a poor job of handling seasonal business, you’re missing out. An answering service can help you address these periodic needs while staying organized and responsive to these customers. When the rush is over, you can scale down and cut expenses.  

6.      Casting a poor professional image

Whoever answers the phone becomes your company’s voice. If this is a new customer or a prospect, this could be the first time they contact you. The last thing you want to do is create the wrong impression. It could cost you future business. Partnering with an answering service, however, can boost your professional image and enhance customer service.

7.      Failing to focus on critical tasks

Answering the phones is critical. But there may be other tasks just as critical. If you have a business where employees wear many hats, you delay workers handling those other priorities. An answering service frees up your employees to complete those critical tasks and boost customer experience in the process.


If you’re experiencing any of these tell-tale signs, you could be hurting your business need to hire an answering service. Partnering with a savvy answering service can be just what the doctor ordered, especially during busy periods.

The right answering service can help you handle the overflow smoothly, boosting customer service, enhancing customer experience, and pumping up profitability. These are all things that can help you not only survive but also thrive long-term.

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