How to Avoid Disaster with Emergency Answering Services

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An Emergency Answering Services protect businesses by keeping customers and staff informed if disaster strikes.

Emergencies happen without a moment’s notice. When the unexpected hits, will your business be ready? People who work for your company and the clients who frequent it are your most important assets, so you need to keep both safe and informed. One of the best ways to accomplish this during an emergency is by using an answering service.

Why a business needs a reliable Emergency Answering Service?

Natural disasters occur anywhere or anytime with a snow storm in the northeast, tornadoes in the Midwest, hurricanes in the east, or heavy rains in the west. No matter where your business is located, emergencies require viable communication. Utilizing emergency answering services means your line of communication remains open. You only need to make one call to update employees and clients alike. You inform the answering service information you wish to relay when someone calls in during an emergency. The answering service can even take orders over the phone if that is what you need.

Skilled agents are available around the clock to manage these calls. This offers a level of service that you cannot replicate in a voice message. With a simple call, you can conveniently forward your numbers to an emergency answering service to field your calls. When the emergency is over, forward them back.

Keeping everyone informed and safe is your priority and this service allows you to do that. Some of the benefits you’ll receive when utilizing a customized answering service includes:

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • On Demand Service – One call and your service is active when you need it
  • Build confidence with your customers
  • Have a software package you want us to use? We can help you.
  • 100% Custom Solution

Why a strong thought-out plan will save your business

It’s common for businesses not to have an emergency communication plan in place. But when disaster hits, a strong communication plan will be the difference between financial ruin and your business success. Depending on the crisis, your bottom-line can be directly affected. As an example, winter storms have been known to shut down businesses for up to a week if not longer. Could you afford to be shut down for that long?

Your Protocols Are Followed Seamlessly

A fundamental step in the process is to provide specific protocols to you need followed. So, should you notify the service of an emergency, dispatchers will follow your specific protocol. This might simply be to let customers know your business is closed due to poor weather, take orders, or provide any other meaningful information. You can create different emergency protocols based on a variety of situations. By having this set up, you can remain one step ahead of what is going on.

Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

Buying your own equipment and add- on services can be cost prohibitive and that may not give you the full protection you need. The cost for emergency answering services will save you time and money. For a low fee, you can have this service in place for when the moment arises. It also helps improve worker productivity, and employees won’t take time out of their work day to notify other employees or clients of your situation. With the ability to save money and improve productivity, an emergency answering service can help to resolve part of an already difficult occurrence.

How to Protect Your Business With Emergency Answering Services

Contact one of our answering service specialist and they will provide you the proper details to setup your account. Once setup you will be able to activate your service with a simple phone call.

What is the Cost to Protect My Business?

Business are moving quickly to obtain emergency services to protect their communications. Think of this service as an insurance policy. For an affordable monthly fee, your business can be protected when an emergency arises.

How Long Does It Take to Setup?

Recently we set up a large insurance company with our emergency answering services in less than one hour. How fast we can complete setup, will be based on your protocols and business needs.

About Unicom Teleservices

24-hour answering service company located in Chicago, Illinois. Our agents are available 24 / 7 / 365. We never close. Extensive planning makes available emergency answering services for small businesses and large organizations. A successful implementation relies on detailed processes, technology, and human resources to properly implement the call protocol. For 25 years, Unicom has been assisting large and small organizations overcome communication disasters. Our solution scales for any size business. No matter if you are planning 5 calls or 5000. We can assist your business.

With Unicom, simply request an answering service quote. Together we can determine if there is a good fit to manage your calls.

Devin Bailey
Devin Bailey
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