Unsurpassed Benefits of a After Hours Answering Service

after hours answering service
Who is providing support for your business when you leave the office? The reality for most businesses is that resources are scarce which makes providing 24-7 support to their customers out of reach. A solution to this dilemma is a professional answering service that provides after hours support. Businesses can stay connected with their customers and potential customers around the clock. As such, this article highlights 5 key benefits of utilizing an after hour answering service for your business.

1. Improved Observance of Business Appointments

After hours answering services have immensely improved business appointments. Between the time a customer makes an initial appointment to the actual date, many things can happen. By making your business available 24-7, a customer has the peace of mind they can communicate any changes in their schedule if needed. Also, there are benefits if there is a change in your schedule. If you need to reschedule appointments with customers, an after hour answering service can make the calls for you. Stats show higher engagement rates when calling a customer to reschedule an appointment versus emailing.

Many businesses and organization utilize after hour services. As an example, a medical practices needs to be available to their patients at all hours of the day. Patient calls need to be managed in case of emergencies and directed to the appropriate care provider. Not only emergencies are managed, medical practices tend to have high volatility in appointment scheduling. Between cancelations and rescheduling, this can have an impact on the efficiency of the practice and its staff.

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2. Higher Revenue Generation

Further, it is undeniable that answering services have led to increased revenue generation. Specifically, for smaller businesses who have staff limitations. When selling a product or service,; support and customer service play an important role in the customer’s journey. A purchase from a new customer is an amazing feeling for any business. So why stop the customer experience? Customers tend to have questions or even can be interested in buying more of what you sell. Imagine you can provide support, take orders, or set the next appointment around the clock—even when you are at home resting. This is a core function of a 24-hour answering service.

3. Open and Clear Communication

To understand your customers, open communication is required. Limiting a customer’s ability to communicate with your business could have dire consequences. Even with an open line of communication in place, much can be lost in translation between the customer and your business. With or without an answering service, you should outline your communication processes. This will create a clear understanding of how your business will be communicating with others. With processes in place, the job to implement them becomes fundamentally easier. An answering service can take that information, integrate it into their system, and train their agents accordingly. This will guarantee that your processes match and communications with your customers are consistent.

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4. Expedited Customer Support

Through after hour services, business operators can ensure fast and convenient customer support. A fundamental goal for any business strategy should be to create a seamless customer experience, and support is a key pillar in this strategy. To offer this support 24-7 can be a taxing proposition. In addition, to hire and maintain staff that will provide a consistent experience can be a major business strain.

Even after selling products or rendering services during the normal business hours, your business is likely to receive further queries from consumers. Sometimes, such customer or clients may need urgent information. Therefore, providing after hour support helps you act fast to provide an optimal experience for your customers. If necessary, you can even ensure that refunds or substitute items or services are given to replace the initial ones.

As an example, property managers receive essential calls from tenants at all hours of the day. These calls consist of complaints to requests and simple updates. A property manager could be managing 150 locations. With so many tenants, it can become overwhelming to manage all their calls. Especially when they have gone home for the day. As such, an afterhours answering service enables them to respond to tenant concerns and requests even when they’re not in their office.

5. Greater Piece of Mind

Finally, this service will give you the much-desired peace of mind. With the unfailing guarantee that all the phone calls made in your absence are taken care of, you have a very genuine reason to relax. You’ll not have any worries at all since callers will follow your process that you have established.

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