Coldest Weather of the Year Doesn’t Stop Unicom

A city skyline with a frozen lake.

During the last week of January, we experienced a winter vortex that brought the coldest temperatures in 40 years.

Coldest Winter in Chicago

Schools. Stores. Restaurants. Local businesses. Government offices. Non-profits. Public transportation.

All minimized hours or halted operations last week as record-breaking cold blanketed the Midwest. The bitter cold plunged the area into a deep freeze the likes of which few residents have seen, bringing the middle of the country almost to a standstill.

With temperatures plunging as far as -38 degrees F in certain parts of Illinois, Chicago experienced an astonishing -23 degrees F (dropped to -51 with the wind chill ). State and City officials warned businesses to close and employees to work remotely from home.

“We ask everyone to limit your time outdoors, and work remotely from home, if possible,” Office of Emergency Management and Communications executive director Rich Guidice said.

Officials also opened emergency shelters so the homeless could stay warm during the extreme cold.

Things were so bad that officials at O’Hare International Airport canceled 1,800 flights.

Nothing Stops Unicom Team

The bitter cold that hit Greater Chicago wasn’t just dangerous. It was life-threatening. But the extreme cold couldn’t stop the Unicom team.

I’d like all our valued clients to know the character of our staff and their commitment to you and acknowledge Unicom’s staff… Agents, Supervisors, Technical Support, Managers and Senior Management.

Members arranged for their children to stay with relatives or friends, started their cars during the night as a precaution and reported to work just as they would have at any other time.

Agent, supervisors, technical support, management, senior executives—not a single employee came late to work or missed a shift. Team members even volunteered ahead of time to fill in shifts and work extra hours to provide Unicom’s clients’ communications services.  Given the situation, no one could have blamed them. But everyone reported in and on time.

Unicom pledges communication support services 24×7 that is RELIABLE. RESPONSIVE. RESPONSIBLE. CONSISTENT.

Days like January 30 and 31, demonstrates our staff’s dedication to our mission and values!

Like always, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you!

If you would like to learn more about how Unicom’s team can help your business, contact us today!