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We live in a world where we are challenged to increase revenue, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction with less. Learn how a professional answering service can help you meet create value.

Daily, I set out to accomplish tasks I feel are high value activities—activities that create value. These activities are organized into 4 areas; increase revenue, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction for both customers and employees. This categorization helps me focus on what is important for the company. Are there sales leads I need to follow up with or new marketing initiatives I need to pursue? Where are opportunities to reduce costs without affecting other areas of the business? What processes need to be tweaked, eliminated or created to increase customer satisfaction? Does the team have an environment that enables them to exceed expectations?

One problem, our days are not so easily defined. We are constantly juggling a variety of tasks along with the occasional fires—big and small— that pop up. It would be nice to push these responsibilities off to the side, but that is not always possible or the right thing to do.
Recently, I was reading several articles on why businesses fail. (I have provided links to the articles at the end of this post.) The reasons—but not all— for failing businesses includes; being out of touch with customers, poor financial management, hiring mistakes, disgruntled employees, underestimating the competition, wrong business model, rapid growth and expansion, burn-out by work overload, and unwillingness to delegate.

Between our often-chaotic days and the many challenges our organizations face. How do we get the “right focus” to meet the daily challenge of creating value for our organizations? First, let me define what I mean by “right focus.” For me, the “right focus” is giving my full attention to high value activities that create value for my organization. The wrong focus— would be to overload myself and those around me with tasks that deliver no value.

An exercise I regularly perform is to take an inventory of my work day. I draw four columns labeled:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Satisfaction
  • Other

As I go through my day, I write down the tasks I complete and categorize them accordingly. If I talked to a potential client, I put that task in the increase revenue column. If I celebrate a team member’s birthday, it would go under increase satisfaction. At the end of the day, I review the columns, specifically the other column. I want to identify where my time is being spent and how I can better focus my day. Are there any tasks in the other column that I should delegate, eliminate or outsource?

Telephone Answering Service – Creating Value

Organizations I meet with are typically unaware of all the professional answering service’s capabilities. Common services include inbound call management, appointment and scheduling management, form entry, order taking, after hours’ customer care, human resource responsibilities, call over flow management, and so much more.

For one of our clients— a kidney dialysis center— we thoroughly analyzed their processes beginning with taking the dialysis request from the hospital to dispatching it to the correct person as well as confirming that the hospital has received an ETA. The communication hotline enables all staff members to send and receive messages efficiently. Every call as well as the activity related to that call is fully documented. Should a question arise concerning responsibility – it can be investigated and resolved. Documentation enables to establish and maintain credibility and greatly encourages responsible action from all participants. Credibility is of course key in establishing a superior reputation.

I always recommend to those looking to hire a telephone answering service to take their time and to make sure to perform due diligence. Read the post “Tips to Hire Best Answering Service for Your Business.” I hope it helps you on your journey to hiring the best answering service for your organization.

By analyzing your processes, determine if a professional answering service— or any service— would be a good fit within your value chain. Ultimately, determine if the service will allow you to have the right focus.

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For 25 years, Unicom has worked with companies large and small to discuss their needs. Understanding their processes allows us determine where and how we can deliver value.

With Unicom, simply request an answering service quote and together we can determine if there is a good fit.


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