Effective Help Desk Tips: Infographic

successful help desk experience

Tips Build an Effective Help Desk Experience

Customer acquisition can cost from 4 to 30 times that of keeping an existing customer. Therefore, running a effective help desk is critical.

Running an effective help desk can mean the difference between success and failure for an organization.

With the help of three help desk articles, see how to improve help desk support with this infographic. This help desk tips and tricks will help you on your way to delivering a effective help desk.

successful help desk infographic

Four Steps to Building a Better Help Desk

By Team Support

Be proactive

Anticipate customer needs or questions.

Take Ownership

Acknowledge that the customer has been inconvenienced and own the issue.

Be Accessible

Make sure your team is accessible, by as many means possible.

Document and Collaborate

Use help desk apps to keep details notes and document ticket activity.

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8 Tips for Help Desk and Tech Support Success

By Nathan Meunier on Upwork

Identify and evaluate the level of the problem

Evaluate if it can be solved with a simple fix or if you need to escalate.

Gauge the customer’s technical level

Identify the customer’s level of tech savviness to determine the best way to help them.

Check for previous support tickets

Prior tickets could give you a clue of what the customer might need help with.

Take detailed, useful ticket notes on every interaction

Keeping detailed notes can be invaluable for tracking issues and quickly helping customers.

Direct customers to self-service solutions like Q&A, forums, and videos

These tools to common problems can be a powerful way to save time on each ticket.

Keep solutions clear and easy to understand

Should be as clear to follow as possible.

Make it easy for customers to follow-up

Give a quick way to follow up if their issue persists and requires further assistance.

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How to Build an Effective Helpdesk

By Joel Falconer on The Next Web

Planning: Choose Your Software

Decide what will be the backbone that’ll be running your help desk.

Remote Assistance Solutions

Determine if remote assistance is the right solution for your customers and business.

Knowledge-bases & Canned Replies

Reduce response time by developing a set of canned replies and an accessible knowledge base.


A good prioritization system helps staff judge which ticket needs to be dealt with based on standards.


Robust reporting helps support managers to identify problems with your helpdesk and refine the approach.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback should be combined with reporting in reviews of your help desk’s performance.

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We hope this infographic of help desk management best practices helps you on your journey to deliver a effective help desk experience.

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Devin Bailey
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