How to Get Property Management Clients In One Week

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4 Ideas to Bring in New Property Management Clients By the End of the Week

Growing your property management company takes both long-term and short-term strategies.

Building your website, expanding SEO efforts, cold calling, and creating email campaigns can be great for enhancing your business over the next year

But what if you want to add a client within the next seven days?

It takes determination and bold action to meet this challenge, but if you use these four techniques, landing new property management clients by the end of the week is entirely possible!

Below are four techniques to help you find property management clients.

Ask for Referrals from Current Clients

No one understands the level of dedication you provide better than your current clients.

Research shows that referral customers are more profitable as well reliable. Referred customers are approximately 25% more profitable per year while and 18% less likely to churn than non-referred customers.

Important Statistics for Referral Customers

The study is from Wharton School Associate Professor of Marketing Christophe Van den Bulte, Goethe University Frankfurt Professor Bernd Skiera, and doctoral student Philipp Schmitt.

Ask them if they know any other property owners in the area who would benefit from your services.

To make things more enticing, you can also offer a referral discount.

Consult with Your Realtor

In nearly any town, the local realtors can drive down the street and tell you who owns virtually each and every property.

They also know the local landlords.

Talk with your realtor or someone in the real estate industry and you may find a golden lead.

You could also extend a referral payment to your local realtors.

Get Leads from Realtors for Property Management Clients

Join the Chamber of Commerce

The chamber of commerce in your city is full of bright, motivated, and inspired people.

It’s also full of property owners and renters of both residential and commercial property.

This could be your opportunity to land a profitable, long-term client who lives and works in your area.

But is joining the chamber of commerce a good option for you?

Use Rental Ads as Leads

Why not go straight to the source?

Pick up a local newspaper or browse online rental listings for properties that you could manage on the owner’s behalf.

There’s one important stipulation, however: avoid calling other property management companies.

Look for ads placed by the property owner and send a friendly hello message.

Whether it’s a call or an email, simply emphasize that your services are available now and in the future, and you’d love to help in any way possible.

If the property owner shows interest, then you can move into more direct selling techniques.

Check local listings for property management customers


Above we explored 4 opportunities to generate leads for your property management business. The one thing each of these opportunities have in common is cost.

These tips will cost you no money, just your time.

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