How much does an answering service cost?

how much does an answering service cost

Every business wants to increase sales. To do so, you will need more customers spending more money for your service or product. But what happens when you are receiving a high quantity of qualified leads calling, but you are not able to speak with everyone?

For one of our customers, they saw a 20% increase in new sales by utilizing our phone answering services. When people call your business, they want to speak to a live voice. If they cannot reach someone, they will call the next company.

Another proven strategy to strengthen your profits is to provide the epic customer. In today’s market, this is no longer an option. It’s mandatory. Today’s customers want what they want when they want it and how they want it.

Fail to provide that kind of service, and they’ll bolt—plain and simple.

But providing t customer service is a challenge—especially for small businesses with limited budgets. Small companies often have to find creative ways to boost customer service. If you own or manage a small business, you know what we mean.

Hiring an answering service company can help you boost the quality of your customer service. It can also help you level the playing field when competing against larger organizations.

In addition to providing a competitive advantage, answering services help you:

  • Build customer loyalty acquiring new ones
  • Spend more on revenue-generating activities
  • Reduce the costs of having staff
  • Focus limited resources on critical activities
  • Cut operating costs by automating services
  • Boost employee efficiency and productivity

The best answering service acts as an extension of your team not as a detached third-party provider just looking to make a buck.

Factors Impacting Answering Service Costs

But if you’re like many smart business owners or managers, you want to know what an answering service will cost before hiring one.  The truth is, it may not cost as much as you think.

Many factors drive the cost of an answering service. Call volume is one. The more calls your answering service handles, the higher the price.

Service is another factor. If you want an answering service that takes calls, that’s one cost. If you wish to an answering service that does more than that, however, that’s a different cost.

The services you select depends on your organization’s needs. Each business, however, has its own needs.

So, you first must decide on your business needs before you can determine your answering service cost.  Once you know your needs, determining answering service cost is easier.

Five Answering Service Costs You Need to Consider

While call volume and service type are critical factors in determining your pricing, they’re not the only ones. Additional costs you need to consider include:

  • Setup fees and cancellations fees
  • Cost of answering each telephone call
  • The price to divert your calls from landline to mobile
  • Charge for forwarding calls
  • Minimum call numbers and monthly management fees

Answering services can charge customers in several ways, such as pay by the minute, pay by phone call, or per message sent to you.

To determine the answering service rate, you need to know the services included and what the price is.

Once you determine your answering service pricing, you can compare it with the cost of hiring a receptionist. Finding a receptionist at a price point that is more cost-effective than an answering service will be very difficult.

And don’t let a low cost per call or cost per minute rate headlines fool you. Instead, ask about additional charges.

Curious to learn more about answering service pricing?

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Live Answering Service Rates

Answering Services Help Level the Playing Field

Today’s customers want top-flight customer service. They won’t accept anything less no matter who you are or what you’re offering. They’re also not afraid to bolt.

Providing that kind of customer service is a challenge for small businesses. Limited budgets can often hamper the things you can do to provide excellent customer service.

If you’re a small or medium sized business, hiring an answering service can help you level the playing field against bigger competitors. For many organizations, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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