Easy Steps to Improve Patient Support Services

Improve patient access with patient support services.

How to Improve Patient Access with Patient Support Services

Giving patients access to the services and medical care they require is critical to any medical practice. For over 2 decades, Unicom has efficiently connected patients with their health care providers. A core competency of Unicom is providing medical practices with patient support services. This program was designed specifically to give patients a deeper connection with the people that care for them and make sure they always have access to their best treatment options.

The Advantages of Our Patient Support Services

Our patient support services program can identify the physician, dental office, counseling center, clinic, hospital, etc. closest to the caller using the caller’s zip code or telephone number. Locations can be grouped and the search parameters can be narrowed or broadened as needed. Referrals can be rotated ensuring each possible referral is equally assigned.

Unicom agents can search on criteria such as zip code, physician specialty, gender preference, type of insurance, etc. All factors, including a rotating referral cycle, can be taken into account to find the best physician to meet the callers’ needs. Detailed information can be taken from the caller for documenting the referral with statistics and reports generated of all activity for marketing opportunities. The caller can also be connected directly with the physician’s office of his/her choice.

Medical practices utilize our patient support services to support various areas of their practice. To be successful and deliver the best health outcomes, this supportive service needs to seamlessly integrate with your current processes. Time needs to be taken upfront to understand the requirements and scope of your processes. Once these processes are defined, a smoother and more successful implementation is possible. Below are areas we currently support for medical practices.

Lab and Test Results

Patient lab and test results can be transmitted to Unicom in any chosen format by the medical provider (physician’s office, clinic, etc). Patients can be given the ability to call in for basic test results or upon request. They can also be contacted to be informed of test or lab results. Unicom’s systems allow our agents to verify the caller’s identity based on information asked for by the agent, such as date of birth, social security number, etc. All activity is fully documented including numbers called, date& time called, etc. for further reference.

Billing and Insurance

Unicom’s systems and databases are designed to accept virtually any type of data with built-in validation to ensure accuracy. Voice-recorded confirmation of all caller information is attached to each transaction. Agents can provide information regarding preliminary medical bills as well as answer insurance questions on behalf of the practice.

Appointment Reminder and Confirmation

Appointment reminders have been proven to have a bottom-line result on revenue for medical practices. A major challenge for many practices is confirming appointments. This problem can be solved by using appointment reminders. Patients are reminded of upcoming appointments either by live agent, voice recorded message, e-mail, or fax. The call-out is automatically logged and documented for further reference.

Appointment Scheduling

Our agents can set, edit, and manage appointments for patients, and schedule in-office procedures and tests. This solution allows Unicom agents and your staff to utilize a common database simultaneously and have complete control over the entire process of appointment scheduling. No more double-scheduled appointments or uncertainty about upcoming events – you receive precise and always up-to-date information about your appointments.

Information and Brochure Request

When you are performing patient outreach, our system can support your campaigns by leveraging a powerful database. No matter if the campaign is outbound or inbound, our agents gather the appropriate data and verify that the information is properly delivered to your practice and if necessary, to the patient. Common uses of this service include brochure distribution, clinic updates, and surveys.

Prescription Renewal

Unicom can quickly and precisely determine if the caller is a valid, current patient, based on the information they provide. Search can be performed on available prescriptions and prescribed refill times. The prescription request can be transferred automatically to the physician’s office or the pharmacy. Patients can also leave a complete voicemail message to request a prescription renewal. The voiced message is then processed, and the request is automatically transferred to the physician’s office or the pharmacy for fulfillment.


Unicom’s patient support services have been designed and developed to assist medical practices in doing what they do best: help their patients and simplify the road to recovery. Depending on your practice, you could benefit from one, two, or all the service options we provide. We can analyze your processes and identify where they can add the most value. Many of our clients started with Unicom supporting just one area of their practice, and over time, we grew to provide assistance to multiple areas.

Our clients claim that freeing up staff to focus on their patients has been the biggest advantage of using Unicom’s patient support services.


Post Update: The article was updated on March 25th, 2023, originally published on Feb 14th, 2017. It has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.