Infographic: Tips to Increase Medical Business Revenue

increase medical practice profits

A visual graphic to help build your medical business revenue

A proven method to increase your bottom-line is to focus on your customers. In the case of the medical industry, your patients.

According to research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, “that shows increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.”

Sounds good, right?

We designed this infographic based on our previous medical practice post when we curated tips to increase medical business revenue from 6 industry leading professionals.

In this infographic, we took it a step further. We organized the tips by relevant categories to make it a little easier to absorb this valuable information.

increase medical business revenue

Summary of Revenue Tips

  • How to Get Started
    • Figure out what you can and can’t do
    • Collect ideas from staff
    • Listen to patients
    • Consider hiring a consultant
    • Delegate, delegate, delegate
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Make your website patient centric
    • Leverage Email Marketing
    • Participate in Social Media
    • Target the right patients
    • Add an ancillary service that you commonly refer out
    • Offer new or expanded services
    • Add one more patient per day to physician’s schedule
    • Encourage your patients to refer their friends
    • Offer after-hours virtual visits
  • Billing
    • Convert “lost” patient time into billable time
    • Bill appointments quickly and verify claims
    • Swiftly review and appeal denials and underpays
    • Drop your worst reimbursing insurance plan
    • Renegotiate missed appointments
    • Re-evaluate your payer mix
  • Operations
    • Focus on the experience at the front desk
    • Pre-process patients for profitable appointments
    • Don’t let money walk out the door
    • Track, benchmark and improve practice performance
    • Extend practice hours
    • Delegate care as appropriate
    • Convert paper to electronic format
    • Create “standby” appointments
    • Train physicians to code correctly
    • Maintain smart schedule management
    • Appointment for Prescription Refills
    • Add a non-physician provider
    • Move supply purchasing online
    • Improve your patient collection strategy
    • Consider a concierge model
    • Motivate your staff
  • Costs
    • Manage overhead
    • Renegotiate with vendors
    • Work to lower supplier costs
    • Manage inventory closely
    • Look for opportunities to save energy
    • Minimize staff overtime and pay


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