How IT Help Desk Service Can Make Happy Customers

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It is important to keep your customer’s expectations in mind as you consider the effectiveness of your IT help desk service.

Working with an outsourced help desk providers, or a technical call center, is one way to ensure that your customers’ inquiries are managed in a professional manner.

No matter what your business, you are certain to have questions from customers. When your company grows larger, and especially if it is technology related, you may find that you have a need for a help desk. An IT help desk service is a one-stop shop, so to speak, where your customers can call and get answers to their questions about your services or products. While you may have been able to handle all of these questions personally when your company was smaller, as you grow this is an impossibility. In many cases, you may find that utilizing an outsourced call center is more economical and runs more smoothly than trying to hire staff to handle the help desk support services yourself. Learn more about what consumers may expect from a help desk, and why outsourcing your call center operation makes sense.

What Customers Want From Your Help Desk

When your customers call your IT help desk, they want to be treated with respect and to get assistance with the problem they called about quickly. Consumers often feel that when they call a help desk that the person who answers the phone is working from a script or does not know and understand the product at all. You certainly do not want YOUR customers to feel this way. In reality, operating an IT help desk service is no different than any other aspect of customer service. Treat the customers well and stay informed about both your product and the industry at large – that prepares you to work with your customers and provide them with the level of assistance they deserve.

In order to meet customer expectations, your call center should:

  • Understand call patterns and volume to be adequately staffed so customers don’t have to wait for an agent.
  • Have a process / script to quickly identify and resolve common problems.
  • Have an escalation process if the first line agent cannot resolve the issue.
  • Hire agents that are conversant in the language(s) of your customers.
  • Use a case management system that captures pertinent details about potential issues, and which allows agents to record notes and easily review the notes of others.
  • Train your agents to thoroughly understand your products or services from the perspective of your users.
  • Have the necessary systems access and tools so that agents can resolve your customers’ issues.
  • Can suggest sensible changes to a customer’s service plan, or provide products tips so that the customer gets the most value from your company’s service or product.
  • Track key performance metrics so that the service demands of your customers and your call center’s success in meeting those demands are understood.
  • Record calls and review call handling and scripts on a periodic basis so that the service handling evolves as customer inquiries change over time.
  • Feed information back into your product development and service delivery groups so that your business receives and learns from customer feedback.

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What Customers Don’t Want

These are the top complaints customers voice about IT help desks:

  • The call center agent understands less about the product or service than the customer does.
  • The agent understands the issue, but doesn’t have the capability to resolve the issue.
  • The call is not answered promptly, and the customer has to wait on hold for an agent to become available.
  • The caller is transferred from one agent to another and has to repeat the details of their issue several times.
  • The agent is not a native English speaker, and there is a gap in understanding.

Working with a Technical Answering Service Delivers Results

In a perfect world, you and your top staff could answer every IT question, customer service issue and other customer interaction that comes up. However, once your business reaches a certain size, establishing a formal help desk will become a necessity.

Hiring full-time staff to answer your phones and address IT concerns may be a great thing for your customers; however, the cost is very, very high. Several hurdles must be negotiated in the establishment of an internal help desk. Agents must be hired and trained. Case management software has to be provisioned. Scripts and processes need to be created. All of this should be done in accordance with best practices. In many cases, utilizing the services of a call center to operate your IT help desk can save you an enormous amount of money and frustration, while still providing a high level of customer care and allowing your organization to stay focused on its core mission.

If you choose to look for an outsourced call center to handle your IT calls, you want to make certain that the center can work with you to establish processes and scripts customized to your business. They should treat your customers with the same level of care and competence that you would if you could answer every call yourself. Because of this, it is important that you spend some time discussing your needs with the call center and make certain they are a good fit for your business.

As you can see, working with a call center is one way that you can improve the experience of your customers and keep your staffing budget to a reasonable level. When you find a call center that fits your needs, you can rest easy knowing that your customers will have their IT questions answered quickly and professionally.

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