Key Steps to Make Customers Happy

make customers happy

Make Customers Happy to Build a Successful Organization

Every business likes to see the positive feedback from their customers. Even more, they love it when their customers tell the world.

In fact, 67% of consumers cite bad experiences as a reason for leaving, while 55% of consumers are willing to pay for a guaranteed experience.

Companies know that keeping customers happy is the key to success. Then why are businesses losing $62 billion per year through poor customer service?

Where is the disconnect?

How can you get customers to not only be happy but share their positive experiences with others?

Here are 8 ways your organization can make customers happy.

1.Know Your Clients Preferred Channel

Each person has their preferred channel of communication, rather it is by phone, email, live chat, or in-person. Discover what your clients prefer, keep that channel open, and give the channel the support it deserves. Often, companies implement a new communication channel but not give the time and support needed for a successful experience.

2.Listen more. Talk Less.

Effective communication relies on the ability to listen and understand what someone is telling us. This can be successfully done by remaining engaged in the conversation. Take the time to confirm what you’re being told and asked.

3.Create a BFF

What do you know about your clients? What are their likes and dislikes? Developing stronger relationships can be the difference between having a normal client or a brand ambassador for life. See how you can take your relationship to the next level.

Coffee anyone?

4.Ongoing Support

The customer journey doesn’t stop after they hand over their credit card. It’s just the beginning. Now it is time for you to shine. Customers will have questions, concerns, or simply want to know you’re there for them.

Be a good friend and make yourself available. Have a process in place that allows you to support their needs.

5.Build Trust

Without trust, it will be a tall task to create a happy customer. An easy way to build trust is to be transparent. It’s great to share your success stories but what about your failures?

People tend to be understanding when things don’t go to plan. Be up front, let them know what the issue is, how it will affect them, and how you plan to solve it.

6.Your Word Matters

Want to know the fastest way to lose client trust? Don’t follow through on a promise. Over promising and under delivering can be the downfall of any customer experience. The solution: set clear expectations.

7.The Power of Gratitude

A client just purchased from you. Then they never hear from you again.

Where is the love?

Stay top of mind by showing your gratitude for their business. You’ll be surprised how far a “thank you” will go.

8.Customer Feedback

How do know if your customers are happy, sad, frustrated, excited? You ask them. Take the time to listen to your customers. Asking customers questions is a must to better understand their needs.

What ideas do you have on how to make customer happy and how to keep customers happy? Or how to satisfy customer in customer service?

Share your ideas, let the world know what you are doing to make customers happy.