Why You Need Calls Managed During Holidays

manage calls during holidays

Maintain high quality customer service during the holiday months.

Each year, there are over 200 federal or state holidays, observances, and religious holidays in the United States. Depending on your business and policies, one of these days could force you to rethink your operations. What if you have staff shortages because one of these holidays? Can you afford to hire more people for one day or a long weekend? Is closing your business for a day or longer an option?

Successfully having your calls managed during holidays can be the solution. If you have limited staff, don’t let phone calls overwhelm them. Get more done by using a call center service for managing calls during the holidays. Below are 3 key benefits of using a call center service for the holidays.

Cost Effective Call Management

Hiring a new employee, both temporary and full time can be an expensive proposition. Do you need one new employee or more? What if you hire too many which affect your bottom-line. You can solve this problem by having a call center service in place to support your business. Save money using a call center service that only charges you for the time you use. Common service level options available include:

  • Call Filtering – Only have specific calls managed by the service. This can be helpful for filtering out unwanted calls.
  • After-hours support – When you leave the office for the day, live agents will manage your calls to you come back the next day.
  • Call Overflow Management – too many calls at one time? If a call is not answered in time, a live agent will receive the call.
  • 24-hour Support – Need support around the clock? Have this service in place so you can focus on the tasks that matter most to you through the day and night.

Flexibility for Your Business

Not sure if you will need additional people for the next holiday? Managing calls during holidays can be difficult to plan for. There are several levels of service you can choose from. Have the service only answer the calls you want or have them support your current call team if call volume surges.

Seamless Customer Experience

Your customer need not know they are talking to a live call center agent. Use a service that implements your processes. When managing calls, the caller should not feel they are talking to a message taker. It is paramount that they receive a seamless customer experience. A quality live agent will represent your business and processes to your specifications.

By utilizing an answering and call center service, you give your business the support and flexibility it needs to manage calls during holidays. Don’t let one day force you to close or go through the process of finding someone for one event.

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