How to Build Your Medical Practice’s Community Reputation

medical practice and how to strengthen community reputation

How Your Medical Practice Can Build an Outstanding Reputation in Your Community

When it comes to reputation-building, most medical practices think about SEO, email campaigns, television ads, and newspaper listings.

They may also think about managing social media profiles and responding to online criticism.

But reputation management still matters at the local, face-to-face level.

What if you want to create an outstanding reputation in your community, not powered by a marketing budget, but by the way people talk about you, your facility, and your team?

Even in the digital age, building an excellent reputation, based on community involvement, helps enhance your practice.

Here are a few tips that can make your local reputation soar…

Offer Health-Advice Services to Local Government

Local city councils and administrative offices are constantly seeking expert opinions on a wide range of topics.

If there is a local issue that could use the perspective of a trained medical professional, offer your services.

As a local, voluntary expert, you will have enhanced name recognition while creating a better reputation for you and your practice.

There is an abundance of public programs that need volunteers. Research which programs are the best fit for your medical practice. Below are a handful of resources to get you started on your search.

Join a Local Group Outside of the Medical Sphere

As doctors and clinicians, it can be easy to stay within the circle that you know best; in this case, medical expertise.

However, it’s important, in both life and reputation-building, to branch out of your comfort zone.

To improve your local reputation, and to increase your social interactions, consider joining a local group that peaks your interest.

If you’re an outdoorsman, consider joining a local conservation or hunting group.

If you value education (like most health care professionals) become a board member at the local library.

If you value physical fitness and enjoy sports, consider coaching youth basketball.

Find a purpose and become involved in something important outside of medical issues.

Speak at Local Schools

Consider becoming an expert speaker at local schools and colleges.

This can include everything from pre-schools to the nearest university.

Offer your advice on general well-being and health issues to show the community that you are passionate about health for all ages and all phases of life.

A perfect example is when Euclid Chiropractic attended career day at Upland high school in Upland, California.

This is just one of many events they attend throughout the year.

Engage with your community

Building stronger ties with your community requires a higher level of engagement.

The three examples provided have one thing in common, going to the community in person.

Not waiting for them to come to you or sending a message through a digital channel.

Look for opportunities, no matter how small, to connect your medical practice with the people in your community.

Do you have any ideas or stories that you have implemented in your community?

Share with us and we will work to include your story into the article.