Your Medical Practice Needs a Telephone Answering Service

Telephone answering service

You have a day full of appointments to see patients, but your phone keeps ringing. Which patient do you make wait, the phone, or the appointment? Hiring a telephone answering service means both patients can get assistance.

Keep reading to find out how a medical answering service can help improve your practice today.telephon

1. Call Filtering

Filter your calls based on your office procedures. You have options for what calls your telephone answering service will assist with.

Options include: filtering a specific type of call, after-hours support, call overflow management, and 24- hour support. This allows you to choose which types of calls get sent to your office and which ones don’t.

This means you can focus your time where it’s needed most. Your patients can get the answers they need quickly and easily.

2. Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

No one wants to sit on hold forever to make an appointment. 90% of callers who are left on hold for longer than 4 minutes will hang up. An answering prevents your patients from sitting on hold.

Reminding patients of their upcoming appointment helps reduce the number of no-shows. This helps your office run more efficiently and ensure your patients get the medical attention they need.

3. Reporting Services

Your answering service can provide you with reporting of the calls and volume that your practice receives. This can help you determine what services your patients need and how to improve your practice.

Reporting that can be provided: call volume, categorized calls, recordings, call notes, and whatever else you can think of. Voice messages can be transcribed and sent to you how you want in real-time by either fax, text message, email, or pager.

4. Patient Preregistration & Follow-Up

You and your office staff should be focused on providing in-office patient care. Be more productive in your office by outsourcing office tasks such as patient registration and follow up.

A telephone answering service can do more than just answering the phone. Patients can be referred to your office based on the criteria you set.

The service can perform your follow up with patients to ensure they receive the additional attention you want them to have.

5. Emergency Call Management

A telephone answering service is a perfect solution for those situations that fall in between a “this is an emergency, go to the hospital now” and “I can wait till the office is open tomorrow.” Patients want to know that someone is there for them to answer questions and provide advice and assistance.

You cannot be available 24/7 on your own, an answering service can. Having a service on your side allows you to provide the level of service your patients want.

Set Up Your Telephone Answering Service

With an answering service, you can focus on your patients, not your phones. Trust a telephone service that will look out for your practice and patients.

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