This Is the Best NextGen Healthcare Answering Service

nextgen healthcare answering service

For practices that use NextGen Healthcare software, this is what happens when an answering service uses your software.

There are several key benefits of utilizing a NextGen Healthcare answering service. This article explores these benefits and how you can leverage them for your practice.

It is projected that the medical field is faced with the challenge of hiring qualified medical professionals. Positions for home care specialists, nursing specialties, and back-office support are required in the broadening medical field. Unfortunately, data shows there is a shortage, creating a burden on practice to deliver the quality of care patient’s needs.

How a Medical Answering Service Can Help Your Practice

Medical answering service companies are being utilized to support practices and their healthcare professionals. Agents are required to have a higher level of knowledge on how the medical practices work. To ensure that patient data is secure and to protect your practice, utilize a medical answering service that is HIPAA compliant.

The 24-hour support a medical answering service can provide allows your practice to focus on what matters most – your patients. Relieve the pressure of menial tasks that can occupy staff’s time. From messages to appointment setting, a medical answering service can manage these tasks for your practice.

How NextGen Healthcare Helps Medical Practices

NextGen Healthcare is a leading medical software that helps coordinate community health and provide collaborative care to over 150 million patients. They have transitioned to new value-based care models and leveraged cloud technology to improve the revenue cycle. The services they provide are exemplary. They help ambulatory practices thrive, deliver better healthcare and offer solutions that enhance outcomes at less cost. NextGen Healthcare puts patients first and at the center.

The goal of such a platform is to enhance efficiency within the practice and improve overall patient care.

NextGen healthcare software offers numerous solutions to medical practices including;

  • EHR services
  • Population health
  • Analytics
  • Interoperability
  • Care management
  • RCM services
  • Patient engagement
  • E-transaction services
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Electronic Health Records

NextGen has an integrated care management system that is unique to every medical practice. Their software is designed, by physicians, for physicians. They already have thousands of clients who collaborate with them for healthy patients, healthy business, and value-based care success goals.

The Power of Their Technology

Their software is powered by mirth technology which has an unsullied record in helping medical practices like yours achieve coordinated care, improved outcomes, patient engagement, population health enhancement and giving better value-based reimbursements. NextGen health care gives you a database that offers you services such as electronic medical records, practice management, HQM, patient portal and billing systems.

Government Regulation

The vast experience with government regulations. They will provide advice in regards to the laws and regulations concerning medical practices. Supporting thousands of clients in their health practice by ensuring compliance with government initiatives.

Value-based Care

Nearly half of primary care clients have accredited patient-centered medical homes. A third of the clients under partnership use their health quality measures which are an essential element in core value of value based reporting.

Our solutions are interoperable. We share data between disparate systems and locations to enhance a collaborative care to over 150 million patients

Delivering Results

Per NextGen, clients are seeing an average of 36% A/R improvement, 98% net collections, 97 % clean claim rate, and with over 4 billion dollars submitted through their system, they are surely one of the best medical platforms in the industry.

Providing Support that Delivers

Over 40 million patients engage with friendly physicians through their patient portals. Consequently, this has made satisfied patients recommend others. A record of 70000 new patients interact on their platform every week.

NextGen supports over 25 specialties. Expert partners are dedicated to giving the best solutions to needs that require professional knowledge.

NextGen on the Rise

NextGen was voted best in 2017 KLAS reports on the most improved practice vendor. Year by year our client’s ratings have been improving by 12 points. The same clients have described the system as more stable, easy to use and customizable for users.

Can a Medical Answering Service Use My Patient Software?

Many services want to force you to utilize their platform. This has many disadvantages. The implementation of new software can be a strenuous process. Layer on the strict laws and guidelines medical practices must follow. This is a burden most practices and health systems can’t afford to take on.

From talking with practices that decided to use the software of a medical answering service, found it to be a big mistake. Within a short period, they were back on their old platform. Any gains they made were over shadowed by inefficiencies and high costs.

A medical answering service that utilizes your software ensures these challenges are avoided.

Get Started with a NextGen HealthCare Answering Service

Unicom Teleservices is a NextGen Healthcare answering service. All of our highly trained agents receive training on specific medical software. We believe in using the software that is already in use in a medical practice rather than forcing them to use ours. Therefore, if your practice uses this, rest assured our agents will be a major asset to your practice.

We understand that care comes first. All agents are trained to utilize our client’s software. This ensures that your patient phone calls are managed as if your medical staff was answering the call.

Besides using your software, there are other reasons medical practices choose Unicom:

  • No Contracts Required
  • 24-7 Support
  • Your Established Protocols Followed
  • Only Pay for Live Agent Talk Time

Whether you are a sole practitioner, a group system or a health system, our solutions scale to fit your needs.

About Unicom Teleservices

24-hour answering service company located in Chicago, Illinois. Our professional answering service offers NextGen Healthcare answering services with live agents 24 / 7 / 365. We never close.

For 25 years, Unicom has worked with practices large and small to discuss their needs. We work to fully understand your processes which allows us to determine how we can deliver value.