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A key component to developing a strong long lasting relationship with your medical answering service is to make sure they are trained to utilize your Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Practice Management Software.As a top EHR software provide, medical practices utilize Practice Fusion for managing medical practices and electronic health records as well as providing on-going communication with patients. This blog post will provide an overview of this software and how a trained medical answering service can be beneficial to your medical practice.

Statistics show that the medical field will be increasing hiring over the next five years. Some of the positions being hired include, home care specialists, nursing specialties, and even back-office support. A trained medical answering service provides specialized agents to provide key back-office support. A key differentiation between a trained medical agent and a normal agent, is their level of knowledge of how a medical practice works. In turn, they provide a seamless extension of your current office and operations. A key component to a seamless integration, is for the medical answering service to utilize your practice management system. Many answering services try to push you to their software as an up sell which can cause more headaches than the value it could potentially deliver. The idea behind using your software is to build efficiency between the medical answering service and your practice. There are many options for practice management software, and whichever one you use, it’s important that your call center supports it.

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Practice Fusion Software: Cloud Solution for Medical Practices

Practice Fusion is a leader in providing a cloud solution to manage Electronic Health Records (EHR). Below are the benefits of using Practice Fusion with a medical answering service.

The key benefit of utilizing Practice Fusion is that it is a cloud based solution. No software to download and no need to manage hardware. A cloud solution can allow you to save time and money. Practice Fusion present these main benefits:

  • Automatic Updates
  • Chart on any device
  • Integrate Policy Support
  • Free Patient Portal

In addition, Practice Fusion allows you to coordinate Patient Care with flexible billing, task management, and scheduling. A benefit that our clients have mentioned being very helpful is the clinical workflows that can be customized to your practices needs. Their platform comes with a free library of customizable charting templates that include:

  • E-prescribe
  • Send lab and imaging orders
  • Share results
  • And much more.

Practice Fusion software allows tailoring for any practices large and small. It is common for highly customizable software to be difficult to implement. Because it is a cloud solution, the process becomes fundamentally easier to deploy and configure. For any practice that is looking at a new software, ease of setup and time to implement are key decision factors in choosing a provider – Practice Fusion is easy and fast to implement.

Support goes beyond just getting the deployment up and running, but also training the user base to provide the lowest learning curve possible. When you are, up and running with Practice Fusion, their customer support is ready to support you with any questions your staff have.

When we ask medical practices why they chose their practice management software, they consistently say portability is a key reason. Cloud solutions allow practices to access information from multiple devices and any office. Companies that provide a cloud solution to manage patient data are required to protect that data. They do this by performing regular backups and implementing sophisticated data security measures to protect that data.

Practice Fusion In Action With a Medical Answering Service

When medical answering service agents are trained on the use your practice management software, such as Practice Fusion, this makes agents more efficient at not only assisting with scheduling appointments, but it allows to outsource other functions that take up a large portion of your staff’s time. By utilizing your software, trained agents can access all the data regarding a specific patient. Booking new appointments and future appointments can be rescheduled if requested. With each call, notes are taken to maintain active call log for each patient. By working with in your systems, agents can stay synced with your staff. Properly trained medical answering service agents can actually handle a variety of different patient management functions, from intake, through billing and follow-up using the Practice Fusion software.

Patient management is a common example of how a medical answering services can use Practice Fusion. When a patient calls to schedule the first appointment, the patient will provide a little background information on the purpose of the appointment. The patient’s records can be updated with this information, which gives practitioners involved in the opportunity to become familiar with the patient’s needs.

Either using Practice Fusion software, or another practice management system, medical answering services can better manage billing because they have access to the patient’s information. In the instance that a change needs to be made, or if a problem arises it can be escalated to internal staff.

Medical practice owners and managers want information that can better manage patient’s care and in turn success of the practice. Utilizing a strong practice management system, such as Practice Fusion, in combination with a medical answering service whose agents are trained to use the practice management system builds a strong combination for the practice to deliver quality care to their patients.

About Unicom Teleservices

Unicom has been a top medical answering service since 1990. We are constantly training our agents on practice management software because this gives you the comfort of using your software.

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