3 Reasons Startups Should Hire an Answering Service

Answering Service for Startups

According to current research, 80 percent of all small businesses will survive their first year. This is an encouraging number for entrepreneurs wanting to strike out on their own. But unfortunately, by the end of the fifth year, only half of these same companies will be in operation. By year ten, this number will drop to as low as 30 percent.

So, what then, is the difference between the companies who fail and those that survive? There isn’t one specific answer to this question. But one of the most common mistakes a company makes is ignoring customer needs making them a focus. Thankfully, this is an issue that has a simple solution! New start-ups should consider hiring an answering service.

Answering Services Help Build a Culture of Customer Service

In recent years, the term ‘improving customer service’ has almost become a buzzword. After all, any smart business owners know that keeping customers happy is of utmost importance. So why is it that businesses are losing billions each year due to unhappy customers? The problem: a lack of customer-focused culture.

Answering services provide staff trained to keep customers happy. When hiring a professional answering service, you ensure that your customers will receive responsive and tailored assistance anytime they call or reach out online.

Answering Services Can Offer Expertise and Experience

Even though many businesses owners see the pros of hiring a professional service, for some, it can still feel like a stretch. After all, many start-ups are strapped for cash and working with a skeleton crew during their first year. With few workers and many times, few customers, up-and-coming business owners might not see any reason to hire a professional company to handle communication.

But it’s this professionalism that makes it a good idea! Detailed notes, customized scripts, and expert call handling are just the basics of the possible services. With your lines covered and your customers taken care of, you can focus on the things that your company excels at instead of manning the phone lines.

Answering Services Help Small Businesses Grow

Because experienced answering services are pros and customer care, they often offer a return on investment. That’s right! Even though you pay for your answering service, it can actually make you money. By ensuring that the calls of potential customers are never missed, you can grow your business!

A professional answering company will work with you to determine your needs and tailor the perfect service. They can assist in capturing leads. They will increase sales while allowing you to maintain a small workforce and offering intake services as well as call filtering. The pros are practically endless!

Still not convinced that you should hire an answering service? Request a free quote to find out!