67 Tips to Increase Medical Practice Profits

Increase Medical Practice Profits

Take Control of Your Medical Practice Profits

How to increase revenue in a medical practice?

For a medical practice to withstand the test of time, a healthy profit is a necessity. Professionals are constantly looking for ways to increase medical practice revenue. But where do you start? Making cuts or raising prices? Add new services or create a new marketing plan? How to attract patients to your practice? How can you increase average revenue per patient visit?

All important questions. Below you will find over 60 ideas from 9 medical professionals and companies to help increase your practice’s revenue. Each author provides their take on how to increase medical practice profits. Some ideas are unique, while there seems to be agreement on several key strategies.

There is no single best way to increase profit margins. Find the strategies that work best for your practice.

3 business strategies to keep your practice profitable

By Elaine Pofeldt

The human element is the theme of Elain Pofeldt’s article. From engaging patients on social media to working with staff and providers to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Highlights from the article:

  • Focus on the front desk
  • Master Social Media
  • Fine-tune operations

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Keys to profitable medical office management

By athenahealth

athenahealth’s walkthrough goes beyond just increasing medical practice profits. They provide a practice management knowledge hub focused on streamlining your practice management

Highlights from the athenahealth walkthrough:

  • Figure out what you can and can’t do
  • Convert “lost” patient time into billable time
  • Pre-process patients to ensure efficient, profitable appointments
  • Don’t let money walk out the door
  • Bill appointments immediately and make sure claims are received
  • Swiftly review and appeal denials and underpays
  • Track, benchmark and improve practice performance

Seven Ways To Build Primary Care Practice Revenue


This year, overall healthcare cost is projected to be 19.5% of the our gross national product. While everyone is looking for opportunities to cut costs, practices rely on revenue to deliver higher quality of care to their patients.

LBMC offers these ideas to increase revenue:

  • Extend practice hours
  • Offer more timely appointments
  • Maximize Your Marketing
  • Offer new or expanded services
  • Delegate care as appropriate
  • Add Patient Visits To The Physician’s Day
  • Manage overhead

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15 ways to increase group practice revenue without cutting staff


A quick and common strategy to increase medical practice profits is to cut staff. MGMA offers a different approach by focusing on 15 ways to increase revenue without cutting staff.

  • Collect ideas from staff
  • Convert paper to electronic format
  • Renegotiate with vendors
  • Work to lower supplier costs
  • Manage inventory closely
  • Reorganize the business office by functional area
  • Add one more patient per day to your physician’s schedule
  • Renegotiate your managed care contracts
  • Create “standby” appointments for patients with a history of no-shows
  • Encourage your patients to refer their friends
  • Look for opportunities to save energy
  • Train physicians to code correctly
  • Re-evaluate your payer mix
  • Implement an electronic health record
  • Start social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Take advantage of free or discounted online education

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5 Tips to Increase Medical Practice Revenue

By Tyson Downs

Tyson Downs offers a simple approach to increasing medical practice profits. His list goes beyond 5 if you include all the tips for ancillary services. Expect a straight forward and helpful article.

  • Controlling costs
  • Listening to patients
  • Offering ancillary services for primary care
  • Benchmarking your medical practice
  • Maintaining a smart schedule management
  • Improving your productivity (bonus tip)

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4 ways to increase practice revenue

By Amanda Guerrero

Increasing your marketing budget if you want to increase revenue is a reasonable proposition. Unfortunately not ever practice has that luxury.

  • Smarter Schedule Management
  • Appointment for Prescription Refills
  • Email Marketing
  • Target the Right Patients

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10 tips to increase medical practice profits

By Keith Borglum

Going through the motions day in and day out can make us lose sight of the fundamentals of running a medical practice. Keith Borglum offers 10 tips to help you keep your eye on the prize.

  • Take an ICD/CPT coding class
  • Work in at least more patient per day
  • Drop your worst reimbursing insurance plan
  • Add a non-physician provider
  • Slip an extra $20 bill into the cash drawer
  • Add an ancillary service that you commonly refer out
  • Move supply purchasing online
  • Minimize staff overtime and pay
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate
  • Consider hiring a consultant

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By eVisit

Is your medical practice leveraging technology to maximize profits? eVisits recommends using technology to build a profitable practice.

  • Build an online presence
  • Improve your patient collection strategy
  • Offer after-hours virtual visits
  • Motivate your staff
  • Use your extenders
  • Build a better appointment schedule
  • Renegotiate missed appointments
  • Consider a concierge model

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How to perform services that increase primary care revenue

By Betsy Nicoletti, MS

Like Caesar, Betsy Nicoletti gives a thumb up or thumbs down to strategies that can help increase primary care revenue.

  • Thumbs up to wellness visits and problem visits at the same encounter
  • Thumbs up to transitional care management (TCM)
  • Thumbs down to chronic care management (CCM)
  • Thumbs up, equivocally, to advance care planning (ACP)
  • Thumbs down to HCPCS codes with low RVUs

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How to Maximize Revenue with Minimal Effort

Terry L. Mills, MD, FAAFP

“Finding time for more patient visits may be easier and more lucrative than you think.” The key to a physician’s success is having the ability to increase gross revenue. Terry L. Mills, MD provides his take on what medical practices can do to meet this objective.

  • Review Your Scheduling Practices
  • Work Smarter
    • Have a huddle
    • Negotiate an agenda for the visit
    • Don’t leave the exam room during a visit
    • Delegate work that doesn’t require a physician’s license
    • Dictate in the patient’s presence
    • Avoid batching your work
    • Streamline your message traffic
  • Keep Multiple Revenue Streams, including procedures

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