5 Great Customer Experience Articles You Need to Read

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Want to Provide Great Customer Experience? Read These 5 Articles First.

If you are passionate about great customer experience (cx) or just starting your journey to understand the role cx plays in your business, these articles are for you.

The world is evolving at an amazing rate. Whether you are selling a product or a service, understanding your client’s needs and exceeding their expectations is more important than ever.

Customer loyalty is essential for your success and so is exceptional customer experience. But how difficult is it to achieve the customer engagement you dream of?

Below are 5 great in-depth articles that paint a clear picture of how important amazing customer experiences are and how to train your customer service professionals to deliver memorable customer experiences and achieve customer retention.

Who Owns CX

Who Owns Customer Experience?

Denise Lee Yohn, a contributor at Forbes, discusses interaction with Tiffani Bova, Salesforce’s Global, Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist. Tiffani provides relevant insights regarding the direction CX is moving.

“It matters less who owns CX and more who executes on it” – @Tiffani_Bova via @deniseleeyohn #CX  Tweet this

Typically, marketers are thought to be the owners of the customer experience. Read this article for Tiffani’s take on who is responsible.

Read the full article: Who Owns Customer Experience?


Customer Experience Model

Why Is the Customer Experience Model so Important?

In contrast to Denise Lee Yohn’s article, Alberto Garduño looks at the importance of a great customer experience from a different angle – through the eyes of the marketer. But, there are similarities as well.

“Customer experience, effective communication and most importantly; complete satisfaction.” – @albertogardunoc #customerexperience Tweet this

Read the full article: Why is the Customer Experience Model so Important?


CX Stats for Business

50 Important Customer Experience Stats for Business Leaders

What is customer experience and why is it important? And what do business leaders exactly need to know about customer experience? On a quest to answer these questions and get valuable insight related to customer expectations, Vala Afshar spoke with Gartner Analyst Esteban Kolsky, the founder and principal of thinkJar, a Customer Strategy consulting and think tank organization. An annual survey by Esteban reveals key customer experience statistics that business leaders should not avoid if they want happy customers.

“Research shows that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience..” – @ekolsky Tweet this

The 50 stats in this article are intended to build awareness and commitment to improving the overall customer experience.

Read the full article: 50 Important Customer Experience Stats for Business Leaders

Value of CX

The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified

Peter Kriss sets out to explore how you can calculate the impact of good versus poor customer experience. By analyzing two global, $1B businesses, they went beyond calculating the impact and discovered the massive effect customer experience has on our businesses.

“Customer experience is a major driver of future revenue.” @peterkriss Tweet this

If you are interested in seeing the numbers that support the value of excellent customer experience – this article is for you.

Read the Full Article: The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified


CEO Guide to CX

The CEO Guide to Customer Experience

With a simple 3-step approach, this in-depth article gives a road map for creating a customer experience strategy that leads to positive business outcomes.

Tweet: “Takes patience and guts to train an organization to see the world through the customer’s eyes.” – @McKinsey Tweet this

“But it takes patience and guts to train an organization to see the world through the customer’s eyes and to redesign functions to create value in a customer-centric way.” – @McKinsey

Enjoy videos, infographics, and key insights that make a case for moving away from touchpoints to journeys.

Read the full article: The CEO Guide to Customer Experience

How Can Unicom Help Improve Customer Experience?

Unicom is an answering service company that can play a vital role in helping businesses to improve their customer relations and experiences. By providing round-the-clock availability, faster response times, and personalized service, our customer service experts can help your business deliver outstanding customer service, build stronger relationships with customers, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

One of the most significant benefits of working with virtual receptionists and customer service professionals is their ability to provide 24/7 availability. Customers expect to be able to reach businesses at any time, and customer experience experts can help businesses to meet these expectations by ensuring that their calls are answered promptly and professionally at all hours of the day or night. By providing this level of availability, businesses can demonstrate to customers that they value their time and needs and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Unicom can also help businesses improve their response times. By answering calls within seconds and routing them to the appropriate department or team member, we can ensure exceptional customer service and help reduce wait times. This is especially important in industries where speed and efficiency are critical, such as healthcare, emergency services, and retail.

Personalized service is another area where Unicom can help businesses deliver rich customer experiences. By training their agents to provide personalized service to each customer, addressing them by name, and taking the time to understand their needs and concerns, we will build a stronger relationship between the customer and the business. This leads to a solid loyal customer base and repeat business, as customers are more likely to return to businesses that provide them with excellent service and demonstrate that they care about their needs.

With our help, your business can increase its efficiency and scalability. By handling routine inquiries and tasks, such as appointment scheduling and order taking, we will allow your employees to focus on more complex and important tasks, such as marketing strategies and high-impact customers. This reduces wait times and increases the quality of service provided, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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