Unicom Call Center and Emergency Response

College of Dupage

Unicom was in attendance at the Dynamic Partnership event held on July15, 2014 at the College of DuPage Homeland Security Education Center.  The agenda focused on Strengthening Public and Private Sector Collaboration.  Participants had the opportunity to explore and discuss regional catastrophic disaster response and the importance of public/private sector collaboration in reaching successful outcomes.  The Keynote speaker Edward J. Gabriel, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.  Mr. Gabriel emphasized the important role the private sector can provide when unplanned events occur.  Experienced in both the public and private sectors he gave examples from personal experience.  Mr. Gabriel’s extensive experience as a veteran of New York City Fire Department; Office of Emergency Management; Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Preparedness.  Retiring from NY City Government he was recruited by the Walt Disney Company and served as Director, Global Crisis Management and Business Continuity.

Speakers included James Joseph, Director of homeland Security and Emergency Management for DuPage County; David Bunge, Senior Emergency Preparedness Administrator for ComEd; Kent McKenzie, EMC Coordinator for Lake County; Sara Alexander, Deputy Director of ChicagoFIRST; Marc Khatchadourian, CDPH liaison to Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

Tom Brady, Associate Dean, Homeland Security Training Institute COD.  Previously served as Inspector in Charge of the Chicago Division U.S. Postal Inspection Service.  Mr. Brady chaired and moderated the event.

Private sector presenters included Dave Cohen, Manager of Global Security Walgreens;  John Frese Vice President for Corporate Services Baxter healthcare; Yvette Alexander-Maxie, Manager, Regional Partnerships and Emergency Management Agency Programs of the American Red Cross.

The RCPT – Regional Catastrophic Panning Team and IEMA – Illinois Business Emergency Operations Center were also represented.  Attendees gained additional awareness of the BEOC – Business Emergency Operations Center which was established by the IEMA to create a mechanism for the private and public sectors to share disaster intelligence and coordinate response and recovery efforts within community before, during and after disasters.