How Property Management Companies Use an Answering Service

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Are you deciding whether you should use an answering service for your property management company?

Answering services can be a great way for you to ensure your company is tending to the needs of your customers. It’s something that’s an increasingly important part of how a property management company operates.

That’s because the number of households renting is trending upward.

In 2016, the Pew Research Center reported that more U.S. households were renting than at any point since 1965. There were 43.3 million households renting, which made up 36.6 percent of the total household population. Renters made up 31.2 percent of the households a decade before.

So the question is, what are some ways an answering service can help your property management firm?

Read on to find out how your property management company will benefit from this service.

Increase Your Availability

Using an answering service allows you to increase your availability outside of regular business hours.

That’s because you can use these services after your office is closed for the day. You can also leverage the value of the service during the holidays. If your tenant has a request at an odd hour of the day or night, a live agent will be there to take their call.

By not making yourself available to tenants, you run the risk creating a negative experience for that tenant. A negative experience can cause lasting damage to your company’s brand.

Timely Resolve Many Issues

Answering services allow your company to resolve many issues quickly.

Their staff members are professionals with training in how to treat a customer. This lets your business create a positive first impression over the phone at all times.

After a polite greeting, the live agent will identify the most important issues on the call. If a call needs an elevated priority, the representative will flag it that way from the start.

This allows you to organize requests so you resolve the important requests first. Smaller issues may be resolved during the initial call, rather than get lost in the shuffle. Being organized will give your company the ability to handle a larger volume of calls. You will also be able to do it in an efficient way.

Build a Professional Relationship With Tenants

Your company can build a professional relationship with tenants by using answering services.

That is because these services place an emphasis on customer care. This means that even if your employees are not the ones answering the phone, a tenant will receive a high level of service.

Customer service is a meaningful part of a consumer’s experience. And poor service can be what drives a customer (or tenant) to look elsewhere.

According to a survey by American Express, 59 percent of Americans would try a new product or company for a better customer service experience.

Don’t risk losing a tenant by not providing them with the positive service experience they deserve.

Wrapping Up: Choosing An Answering Service

Answering services are a good way for your company to stand out from the competition.

That’s because you will be able to offer your tenants superior customer service. By operating for a longer period of time each day, this should limit the time it takes to tend to the needs of a tenant.

At Unicom Teleservices, we offer premier customer care for your tenants. We do this through our call center, answering services, and more.

Contact us today so we can create custom solutions to the challenges facing your property management company.