Construction Call Center & Answering Service

Let us handle your calls while you handle your construction business and achieve your business goals.

Unicom is a call center providing Construction Answering Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Never lose a potential client due to a missed call.

Personal attention to all your customers.

Construction business owners have a lot on their plate to also add constantly answering phone calls. When construction contractors have a great reputation, it´s common for them to have a high volume of calls. Construction companies are in constant demand and need to always be present. From contractors to property owners, there will always be someone who needs answers or has needs that require immediate attention.

Business owners know that communication with clients and constant presence is essential for the success of their company. However, time never seems to be enough for professionals working in the construction industry. From the staff in the office to the people on site, everyone would need for the day to have 48 hours to be able to do everything.

Let us help you with all our incoming calls so you can focus on running and growing your business. We provide telephone answering services for a wide range of clients from different fields of activity. Our professional team will handle each call and ensure efficient communication with your current and prospective clients.

Deliver professional customer service at any time of day and make sure your client calls are always answered. Don´t worry about handling calls after hours, on holidays, or when you lack time. Get in touch with us and take advantage of our virtual receptionist service. Work with the best customer service team in your area!

Our professional receptionists will take care of common administrative tasks:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Order Management
  • Dispatching
  • Accurate Message Delivery and Recording
  • Call Screening, Transferring, and Data Capture
  • Manufacturer's Information and FAQs

Call Filtering

Let our team handle your customers´ calls. Frequently asked questions, brand questions, solving your customers' doubts, and preparing them for what they can expect are a few of the many calls we can handle.

After-Hours Customer Support

Our team of professionals is there to help you handle the inbound calls you receive after hours. Don´t give your customers any reason to choose the competition due to an unanswered call. Take advantage of our virtual receptionist solution!

Call Overflow Management

Never lose clients due to missed calls. By having overflow management, even during your busiest days, your customers will have their calls answered and get the attention they need and deserve.

24-hour Customer Support

We never close, and our team is always ready to help you handle calls all around the clock. We are a 24-hour business that ensures a 24-hour telephone presence. Stand out among your competitors and let this be one of the many benefits customers have with your company.

Why Choose Unicom´s Call Center Service?

  • Have your calls answered exclusively by trained agents on your process and software.
  • Due to our simple billing structure and no hidden fees, you pay only for agent talk time.
  • 24/7/365. Always open, including weekends and holidays.
  • We don´t outsource any calls, and all our agents are native English speakers.
  • Management is always on-site in case escalation is needed.

How it Works

Over 30 years, we´ve answered more than 21 million calls efficiently and professionally. Unicom has proven to have the best, providing top-trained agents to deliver amazing results.


We will document all of your processes and use the information gathered to ensure our agents execute them as well as your own employees.

Custom Solutions

Our team of developers can create custom workflows and API integration to fit correctly into your process. Each company uses a system, and working together means using the same one to reach success.


We create a custom training program for our agents based on your processes, software, and deliverables. The agents who will handle your calls will have successfully completed this program.


Ensuring the integrity and quality of your processes is essential for us. Our managers audit calls and processes daily to ensure that we protect the quality and processes of your company.

We Can Use Your Business Software

Our agents are trained to utilize your construction company´s software to create a smooth and reliable integration with your business.

The most popular software our agents use are Archdesk, Kizeoforms, Mondayconstruction, OfficeInventory, Ogun, Planyard, Procore, and Smartsheet.

Do you have custom business software?

No worries. We can train our agents to use your software and have the ideal solution for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most questions related to our Construction Answering Service.


1What answering service pricing does Unicom offer?
You only pay for live agent talk-time. We believe that customers should not be nickeled and dimed. Typically, call centers will add ancillary costs associated with your account - From variable message delivery charges to account directory updates and even some that charge per call. Unicom only charges for the time our agents are speaking live with your callers. With Unicom all protocols/procedures, updates, and delivery is provided at no extra cost.
2I need a custom solution, can you help?

Innovative solutions – logically applied.

With Unicom’S 100% customizable solutions there are no constraints. Tell us about your needs and requirements. Our systems are robust and flexible and our operations staff knowledgeable. We structure your account to support your unique business processes. Procedures and protocols will be delineated with clarity to ensure smooth implementation and promote efficient use of Agent assisted time.
3Is a contract required?

We do not bind clients to us with contracts.

You are free to leave Unicom at any time with no penalties, fees, or encumbrances enacted.

Since 1990, our growth and stability have been built on long term relationships with valued clients. We do not have a sales staff hurriedly soliciting new clients as frustrated clients terminate service. Our clients stay with us not because they are obligated to but because of our degree of knowledge, skill, and service is consistent and dependable.
4Does Unicom offer 24x7 live services?

All of our service plans provide 24 x 7 x 365 Live Agent answering and assistance, inbound and outbound.

We are here when you need us and standing by when you don’t.

During office hours, after office hours, overflow calls during unexpected spikes inactivity.
When you are understaffed. During lunchtime, meetings, nights, weekends, holidays, sudden unforeseen events, business interruptions, power or phone outages, severe weather, no matter the issue – at no additional charge.
Unicom has you covered – on-demand communication continuity – at NO additional cost.
5How quickly can we begin using Unicom’s services?
It really depends on what you want us to do for you.

3 primary factors affect activation time: the type of support you choose; the amount of your information to be programmed; Agent training; testing account technical functions.

Professional Starter 1 business day after we receive your completed Account Information Form.

Custom Solutions Small to Mid-sized: Generally 3 business days or less Your protocols, procedures, account information, instructions, contact lists are already compiled.

Mid-sized to Large Activation time varies – should you have a short but definite timeline – we will meet it.

Our Live Operators Are Ready to Assist Your Customers

Give your Business the Answering Service it deserves, and provide your customers with the best experience.