Dispatch Answering Service

Fast, accurate, and reliable professional dispatching.

Unicom is a call center providing dispatch call center services that allow you to be available around the clock at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house answering service dispatch team.

Whether for emergencies or routine calls, our team is available for you.

Large businesses, small businesses, Doctors, Support Technicians, Drivers, etc our Dispatch Answering services guarantee you'll never miss a call.

Unicom's live call center representatives follow your process, so your clients never feel the difference.

Common emergency service tasks include:

  • Call Screening, Transfering, and Data Capture
  • Appointment Management
  • Message Taking and Delivery
  • Routine Response Handling
  • Call Overflow

Call Filtering

Not every call requires your time. Let our virtual receptionist take care of customer calls and have the answer to every question. From frequently asked questions to routine processes and filtering out call spam to protect your valuable time, our dispatch call center services are tailored to answer the needs of every business owner and help them achieve their business goals.

After Hours Customer Support

Staffing for after-hours support can be challenging and expensive. Keep your business open outside the everyday business hours and ensure exceptional customer service. Let us handle the phone calls in your name, at a fraction of the cost you would incur by hiring enough full-time and part-time employees to handle calls after office hours.

Call Overflow Management

Especially with dispatch services, call volume can be difficult to predict. All it takes is one emergency for everyone to start calling in. Let us help you with urgent calls and the overflow so you don't have to hire more staff to provide excellent customer service interaction.

24-hour Customer Support

24/7/365, our doors never close. Whether you use us for all your calls, after hours, or just for overflow, our answering service dispatchers will always be there for your customers. Our answering service plans and availability to take after-hours calls will be your competitive advantage.

Benefits of Our Dispatch Answering Services

  • We don't outsource any calls, all of our agents are in-house in our Chicago call center.
  • We're always open, weekdays, weekends, holidays, 24 hours a day, we're here.
  • A pricing structure designed to be simple, no hidden fees, and only pay for agent talk time.
  • Our agents are always accompanied by onsite management to make sure any escalations are addressed quickly.
  • Only agents trained on your process can answer calls for your customers.

Create Accountability Among Your Team

How It Works

Unicom leverages 30 years of call center knowledge to deliver a reliable and positive customer experience and to ensure your dispatch services never fail. We have vast experience working with businesses and have delivered reliable dispatching functions to numerous companies.


High-quality customer service requires each step of your process to be analyzed and documented. Our highly competent staff works with you to establish requirements and ensure your processes are optimized to deliver the best results.

Custom Solutions

Each organization has its own unique processes. From custom workflows to API integrations, our call center developers are ready to assist in implementing customizable options. Please ask for more details about implementing a customized solution.


Before our dispatchers receive a single phone call, we develop a custom training program for your processes and software applications. Only agents who have been trained on your processes and applications will answer your calls.


Once we begin to receive calls, service desk managers review calls daily to ensure your processes are adhered to and Unicom’s high standard of service is met. You will receive regular reports to help you monitor the success of your dispatch call center services.

We Can Use Your Customer Support Software

To create a smooth and reliable integration with your firm's processes, we train our agents to utilize your software.

Our agents are trained on popular dispatch software applications including ServiceTitan, FieldEdge, Housecall Pro, mHelpDesk, Service Fusion, Jobber, etc.

Don't see your software?

No worries, we can train our agents to use the application of your choice.

Success Story: Great Customer Service for a Plumbing Company

Our work with a plumbing company has allowed them to grow to manage over 200 calls per month, roughly 60% of which are transferred to local plumbers in the area. In addition to fielding the initial calls, our agents also connect with the plumbers to ensure they were able to connect with the caller and collect additional details regarding the call.

We also provide the company with a custom dashboard where they can see the statistics for all of their plumbers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most questions related to group messaging.


1Does Unicom use remote agents?
No. All of our team members are centrally located in our Chicago call center. There are 4 reasons we do not use remote agents:
  • Our call center is HIPAA compliant, which requires Unicom to keep secure sensitive information.
  • A professional environment reduces interruptions and background noise.
  • It allows us to build a positive company culture and ultimately strong team unity.
  • Real-time management oversight during each shift.
2How are service fees calculated?
You pay ONLY for the time a Unicom Agent is speaking with your caller or completing a task in your account. There are no additional ‘ghost’ fees, taxes, surcharge, account maintenance.
3How long does it take to get started?
Implementation time depends on the complexity of your processes. We have successfully onboarded companies in less than 24 hours. While other implementations require more time to ensure processes and technology are in place before we begin to receive calls.
4Is a contract required?
No. We do not bind clients to us with contracts. You are free to leave Unicom at any time with no penalties, fees, or encumbrances. Since 1990, our growth and stability have been built on long term relationships with valued clients.

Ensure Every Call Reaches The Right Person.

Give your Business the Dedicated Answering Service it deserves, and provide your customers with the best experience.