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Help Desk Outsourcing

Unicom technical support services are all-inclusive

  • Over 25 Years as a Trusted Leader as a Professional Answering Service
  • All help desk agents receive minimum 6 months training.
  • No Contracts. Pay Only for Live Agent Talk-Time
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Help Desk Services Include

24x7x365 including Weekends & Holidays

100% Customizable

Multi-level Support & Technical Escalation

Utilize your Documentation & Web Applications

Proactive Response to Hardware & Software Issues

Specialized Technical Agents

Complex Product & Service Support

Update & Close Tickets

Discover the difference with a professional Help Desk Call Center

  • Technical Support services
  • Product/Service troubleshooting
  • Logistics
  • Reservation and Registration
  • After-Sales Support
  • Customer Service & Issue Resolution
  • Support escalation and follow-up

Service Level Options

After Hours and Holiday Answering

Custom protocols for your practice to support your patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Overflow Call Handling

System detects overflow and incoming calls are rerouted to trained operators.

Call Filtering

Filter incoming calls to live agents to field routine questions and eliminate disruptions.

Full Time Call Management

All inbound calls are managed by are specialized agents. Freeing up key technical resources.

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