Mortgage Lenders Call Center & Answering Service

Call Management, Appointment Scheduling, Message Taking, and Beyond.

Unicom is a call center for mortgage lenders that provides critical call support services.

Increase your productivity with Unicom's 24/7 answering service

Our knowledgeable team of customer service representatives will be there for you whenever your prospects and clients call. We assist mortgage companies with incoming calls and scheduling, help them with emergencies, and give them the added reassurance that they've reached a reliable partner they can trust.

Unicom's live call center representatives undergo continued training to assist your clients according to your processes. We provide effective answering services for accurate and faster responses and increased customer satisfaction.

Common agent tasks include:

  • Message Taking
  • Call Filtering
  • Appointment Scheduling/Confirmation
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Routine Response Handling
  • Call Overflow
  • Maintenance Requests

Call Filtering

Save time by speaking only to the callers that need your attention. Our agents will ask qualifying questions, schedule appointments, and answer common questions, so your mortgage professionals can focus on mortgage complaints, discuss closing costs, handle each delay in mortgage payments, and, generally, take care of your portfolio and wide range of mortgage products.

Call Overflow Managing

Are you overwhelmed with call volume? Forward calls to our agents during peak times so that your customers never hit voicemail. Your inbound callers will never have to wait when we're on the line.

After Hours Customer Support

If you need support outside of regular business hours when your phone is ringing, we will handle it for you. Extraordinary customer experience means always being there for your clients!.

24-hour Customer Support

Day or night, we're on hand to ensure your business is always there for your clients. We're proud to say that our team is available around the clock to improve caller experience and save you money in the long run.

Benefits of Our Mortgage Lenders Call Center Services

  • All of our agents work onsite in our Chicago call center. We don't outsource any calls to third parties.
  • We're open every day, all day. Weekdays, weekends, holidays, 24 hours a day, we're always in business.
  • We only charge for agent talk time. It's a simple model that's easy to understand with no hidden fees.
  • We don't outsource any of our calls. All of our calls are handled by native English speakers in our Chicago call center.
  • Your calls are only answered by an agent trained in your processes and software.

Create Accountability Among Your Team

How It Works

Unicom leverages 30 years of call center knowledge to deliver a reliable and positive customer experience.


All the best customer service teams document each step of the process and analyze how they can improve it based on their results. We will use this information to ensure all customer service representatives understand the steps involved.

Custom Solutions

Every organization has its processes and procedures. Our team can create the right solutions, integrate with your APIs, and adapt to your business to ensure you get a customized solution that works for you and your customers in the best possible way.


Before any agents ever pick up the phone, we develop a custom training program to ensure they are expertly trained on your process. If an agent hasn't had your company-specific training, they won't be allowed to answer your client's call.


Managers are physically onsite and monitor calls daily to make sure our agents adhere to processes that ensure our high standard of customer service is upheld. They also review and provide reports so you can verify we're doing a great job.

We Can Use Your Software

We train our agents to utilize your software for smooth and reliable integration with your mortgage process.

Our agents are trained on popular mortgage lender software applications, including ABLE Origination, Lendstream, Calyx Point, Crowdsofts, HES Lending Platform, The Mortgage Office, PhoneBurner, Qualia, FileInvite, Jungo, etc.

Do you have custom business software?

No worries, we can train our agents to use the application of your choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most questions related to our Construction Answering Service.


1What answering service pricing does Unicom offer?
You only pay for live agent talk-time. We believe that customers should not be nickeled and dimed. Typically, call centers will add ancillary costs associated with your account - From variable message delivery charges to account directory updates and even some that charge per call. Unicom only charges for the time our agents are speaking live with your callers. With Unicom all protocols/procedures, updates, and delivery is provided at no extra cost.
2I need a custom solution, can you help?

Innovative solutions – logically applied.

With Unicom’S 100% customizable solutions there are no constraints. Tell us about your needs and requirements. Our systems are robust and flexible and our operations staff knowledgeable. We structure your account to support your unique business processes. Procedures and protocols will be delineated with clarity to ensure smooth implementation and promote efficient use of Agent assisted time.

Our Live Operators Are Ready to Assist Your Customers

Give your Business the Answering Service it deserves, and provide your customers with the best experience.