Real Estate Call Center and Answering Service

Call Management, Appointment Scheduling, Message Taking, and Beyond.

Unicom is a call center for real estate firms of all sizes that provides crucial call support services.

Dependable prospect and client support with Unicom's 24-hour real estate answering service

Our highly capable and professional team of virtual receptionists will attend to your prospects' and clients' needs. From the first contact, they'll be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable voice that will help them with requests, schedule appointments, escalate emergency issues, and much more.

Our team is meticulously trained according to your processes so they can best help your prospects and customers.

Common agent tasks include:

  • Message Taking
  • Call Filtering
  • Appointment Scheduling/Confirmation
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Routine Response Handling
  • Call Overflow
  • Maintenance Requests

Call Filtering

Not all calls are worth your time. Our agents will screen calls to ensure you're focused on what matters most.

After Hours Customer Support

Be available when it's convenient for your customers. After your day ends, we'll make sure they're taken care of.

Call Overflow Management

Customer calls are valuable and you can't afford to miss them. When there are peaks that overwhelm your team, we can help.

24-hour Customer Support

Customers call on their schedule, and they expect you to be there for them. We'll be there when you can't, no matter the time.

Benefits of Our Real Estate Answering Service

  • Our agents are not outsourced, all of them work onsite out of our Chicago call center.
  • Our doors never close, we're here every weekday, weekend, and holiday, 24 hours a day.
  • We only charge for agent talk time, it's a simple model that's easy to understand with no hidden fees.
  • A management team is always onsite to assist the agents, even after hours.
  • Only agents that have been trained on your specific processes will answer your calls.

Create Accountability Among Your Team

How It Works

Unicom leverages 30 years of call center knowledge to deliver a reliable and positive customer experience.


Superior customer service demands that all processes are properly mapped and documented. We'll work with your team to gather requirements and procedures to ensure that we deliver optimal results.

Custom Solutions

No two organizations are identical, each has its processes and ways of accomplishing tasks. Whether it's developing custom workflows or integrating to your APIs, our team of developers are able to implement a solution tailored to your company.


All of our agents undergo rigorous training before they are qualified to take a single phone call. Our training encompasses customer service principles as well as processes and applications specific to your business. Only agents trained on your processes and software will answer your calls.


Ensuring top-notch results requires constant monitoring. Every day our managers review calls to be certain that your processes are being observed and that agents are adhering to Unicom's high standard of customer service. All reporting is available to you, so you can stay informed.

We Can Use Your Property Management Software

To create a smooth and reliable integration with your property management firm's processes, we train our agents to utilize your software.

Our agents are trained on popular property management software applications including Buildium, Yardi Breeze, Appfolio, MRI Real Estate, Nestegg, Propertyware, Real Page, Re-Leased, Resman, Hemlane, and Simplifyem.

Do not see your software?

No worries, we can train our agents to use the application of your choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most questions related to answering service property management companies.


1Does Unicom use remote call center agents?
No. All of our team members are centrally located in our Chicago call center. There are 4 reasons we do not use remote agents:
  • Our call center is HIPAA compliant, which requires Unicom to keep secure sensitive information.
  • A professional environment reduces interruptions and background noise.
  • It allows us to build a positive company culture and ultimately strong team unity.
  • Real-time management oversight during each shift.
2How are service fees calculated?
You pay ONLY for the time a Unicom Agent is speaking with your caller or completing a task in your account. There are no additional ‘ghost’ fees, taxes, surcharge, account maintenance.
3How long does it take to get started?
Implement time depends on the complexity of your processes. We have successfully onboarded companies in less than 24 hours. While other implementations require more time to ensure processes and technology are in place before we begin to receive calls.
4Is a contract required?
No. We do not bind clients to us with contracts. You are free to leave Unicom at any time with no penalties, fees, or encumbrances enacted. Since 1990, our growth and stability have been built on long term relationships with valued clients.

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