Pricing for Call Center and Answering Services

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From simple message taking to fully customizable support, find the best solution for your customers.
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Enhanced Support

The following features and services are value-added options available at an additional cost:

  • Client/caller email capture/response/processing
  • Patching
  • Order taking
  • Encrypted, HIPAA compliant two-way text messaging
  • Voice recorded greeting / IVR
  • Voice informational recorded message
  • Custom hold professional message
  • Client software access: CRM, POS, Appointment, and Case Management

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to Common Pricing Questions

    Answers to Common Questions

    1Who is the Professional Starter for?
    The Professional Starter, at $39.95 per month, is focused on simple and straightforward support in messaging such as receptionist responsibilities, intake, contact, and dispatch.
    2Who is the Custom Solutions plan for?
    For companies, organizations, and businesses requiring support for larger volume and specialized tasks our Custom Solutions are provided as low as $0.65 per minute.
    3Not certain what is best for your needs and requirements?
    Let’s talk and together we will design the perfect solution that is truly affordable and cost-effective.
    4Is there a programming or setup fee?
    Professional Starter Plan – no programming or set-up fee.

    Custom Solutions Plan – one-time programming fee. No charge for future maintenance of account information changes, additions, modifications
    5How are fees calculated?
    You pay ONLY for the time a Unicom Agent is speaking with your caller or completing a task in your account. No additional ‘ghost’ fees, taxes, surcharge, account maintenance.
    6Is a contract required?

    We do not bind clients to us with contracts.

    You are free to leave Unicom at any time with no penalties, fees, or encumbrances enacted.

    Since 1990, our growth and stability have been built on long term relationships with valued clients. We do not have a sales staff hurriedly soliciting new clients as frustrated clients terminate service. Our clients stay with us not because they are obligated to but because of our degree of knowledge, skill, and service is consistent and dependable.
    7How quickly can we begin using Unicom’s services?
    It really depends on what you want us to do for you.

    3 primary factors affect activation time: the type of support you choose; the amount of your information to be programmed; Agent training; testing account technical functions.

    Professional Starter 1 business day after we receive your completed Account Information Form.

    Custom Solutions Small to Mid-sized: Generally 3 business days or less Your protocols, procedures, account information, instructions, contact lists are already compiled.

    Mid-sized to Large Activation time varies – should you have a short but definite timeline – we will meet it.
    8I need a custom solution, can you help?
    Innovative solutions – logically applied.

    With Unicom’S 100% customizable solutions there are no constraints. Tell us about your needs and requirements. Our systems are robust and flexible and our operations staff knowledgeable. We structure your account to support your unique business processes. Procedures and protocols will be delineated with clarity to ensure smooth implementation and promote efficient use of Agent assisted time.
    9Can I add, upgrade, remove services or features later on?

    We know the needs and requirements change. Your protocols, procedures, and usage can be changed at any time. Your account facilitator & business development coordinator will assist you. perhaps revisiting features different from the initial activation and present options focused on fulfilling today’s objectives
    10For future account support, what can I expect?
    24 x 7 x 365 response and support.

    No matter the question, issue, or concern we want to hear from you.

    Supervisors are ALWAYS available to assist you.